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  Lutinos and Creaminos
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Lutinos and Creaminos




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About the Lutinos and Creaminos
In the peachface lovebird mutation, no true albino lovebird exists. A true albino lovebird only exists within the Masked and Fischers lovebirds.

No albino exists with the peachface because no true blue peachface lovebird exists yet. So, the lutino and creamino lovebird are considered the albino of the peachface family.

A lutino lovebird is bright yellow with a beautiful red face. The eyes are strikingly red. You get a lutino lovebird if the ground color of the bird is green. If the ground color of the bird is blue, then you'll get a creamino. A creamino has a pale yellow body and a white face with an apricot band over their eyes. They also have the red eyes

Here is a lutino lovebird
Notice the yellow feathers and the bright red face.
  Breeding a Lutino with a Pied
Breeding a lutino lovebird with a pied lovebird is discouraged because the pied from the lovebird will cause a jagged edge on the feathers of the birds.

Lutinos and Cinnamons
Some of the peachface lovebirds can carry the genetic makeup of both a lutino and Australian Cinnamon. Only male lovebirds can carry another gene with a lutino gene. These birds are what we call split-cinnamoninos. These split-cinnamoninos can produce both lutino and australian cinnamon daughters.

Here is a Creamino
Notice the pale yellow body and white face. Also notice the apricot band across the eyes.

Split-cinnamonino tail
This bird is a split-cinnamonino lovebird. Look at the dark band on the tail. This is a sure sign of a split-cinnamonino.